Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Killa Red'

Hello Readers!

So, today I have Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Killa Red' and I must say it is killer! This is a color that's hard to capture because it's jelly red; depending on the light it can appear to be a bright cool cherry red or a deep maroon. 

Photos are taken in my new light box (yay!) with the most neutral lighting I could use to show you this color. All photos are taken with 2 coats of RBL Killa Red, 1 coat of French Tip Dip's top coat, and 1 coat of Essie 'Pure Pearlfection' on my ring finger.

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Killa Red'

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Killa Red' & Essie 'Pure Pearlfection' on my ring finger :o)

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Killa Red' & Essie 'Pure Pearlfection' on my ring finger :o)

I love how RBL's very own Ji leaves her sig on all the limited edition polishes

Me trying to show how the polish changes to a dark deep red with less light/shade

So, if you ladies don't already know Rescue Beauty Lounge has brought back their vintage RBL's that include Killa Red. You can purchase these '5 free' polishes here. They're $18 and $100 gets you free shipping. What do you ladies think? Do you own this color? If you do, do these photos show the color accurately? 



MariJo said...

Wow this is a gorgeous red!! And Pure Pearlfection looks great with it.

bmwmchick said...

Thanks, Marisa! It's such a chameleon color, you'd have to see it to believe it. It's such a pretty red!

Fingers said...

I got this one too-need to try it out-looks stunning!! I NEED a light box-

TheVanityChest said...

This is such an amazing red. Good reds are so hard I find in my opinion. Even though, there are so so many on the market

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