Tuesday, December 6, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Nails - Day 6: Penguins

Hey Ladies,

I'm SUPER excited to participate in '24 Days of Christmas Nails' with both Sabine from My Polish Stash and Shannara from Nails and Stuff so don't forget to check out their nails as well!

This idea was started by Paint that Nail so props to her. ^_^

As a side note - my nails were getting SO frail I couldn't stand it any longer so I cut them down... yes now I have 5 year old hands ;o\ but they needed to be cut!

Here is my 'Penguins' design (I did one, so no plural here :o):

I wanted him to look more like a cartoon lol
He kinda looks like he's on drugs
I apologize once again for the short nails and crappy pictures! I have finals, work and a short vacation coming up. Although, on vacation I'll have time to do my nails! Ok, so my original idea was to make kind of a funny looking cartoon penguin. I only spent 5 minutes (all I had) so sorry for the 'not so neat' painting job. I'll be making up for it soon, I promise! I used Wet N' Wild 'Black Crème', China Glaze 'Lorelei's Tiara', Essie 'Chubby Cheeks', OPI 'What's With The Cattitude?', Essie 'Coat Azure', Pure ICE 'Super Star', and Sinful Colors '24/7'.

Hope you all enjoyed this design! Don't forget to check out Sabine's design from My Polish Stash and Shannara's design from Nails and Stuff !!!



Maria said...

this is so cute :) & not to worry you can rock the short nails! we dont mind!

bmwmchick said...

You're too sweet! My next one will won't be last minute, I promise! :o)

Kaki said...

Totally fun! And I like your short nails.

Shannara said...

love the glitters you used

Smith said...

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