Sunday, December 4, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Nails - Day 4: Snowman

Hey Ladies,

I'm SUPER excited to participate in '24 Days of Christmas Nails' with both Sabine from My Polish Stash and Shannara from Nails and Stuff so don't forget to check out their nails as well!

This idea was started by Paint that Nail so props to her. ^_^

Here is my 'Snowman' design:

Colors used from left to right:  Essie 'Bobbing for Baubles', Ulta 'Concrete Evidence', China Glaze 'Snow Globe', Essie 'Chubby Cheeks', Cult Nails 'Power Thief', and Went N' Wild 'Black Crème'

In sunlight

In natural light

In natural light with our party color cocker spaniel 'Lucky' in the background :o)

Hope you all enjoyed this design! My intent was to make this a snowman at night, that's why he's gray, the orange isn't too bright and the background is a dark gray-blue shade.

Don't forget to check out Sabine's design from My Polish Stash and Shannara's design from Nails and Stuff !!!



MandysSecrets said...

Awww, these are cute! I love your snowman! And Snowglobe + the essie is a FAB combo! :D

Kelly said...

the length of the snowmans nose is so cute and funny! i also really like that glitter polish combo.
question.. is that your spaniel pup in that picture?! :)

bmwmchick said...

Thanks Mandy! & Yes, Kelly that's our 8 year old American Cocker Spaniel :o)

Anonymous said...

i love this bridget! great job! are you going to be painting your nails every day?!

Sabine said...

This looks really cute :) Hope your nails are still fine! My cuticles don't seem to like this challenge...

Fingers said...

I have that Essie Baubles one and just LOVE it! These are so cute! Am a new follower-just found your blog! Very nice!

bmwmchick said...

Thanks 'Anonymous'- just for this 24 day challenge!!

Thanks Sabine - I'm using tons of the Burts Bee's cuticle cream! They're not too bad yet plus I'm not using pure acetone to take off the polish, that's the worst!

Thanks Fingers! & Thanks for the lovely comments :o)

MissMidnightBlue said...

I need to get my hands on snowglobe!!! I must be the last person on this earth that still don't have it yet.. *whine*!

I Bleed Polish said...

that essie polish is gorgeous.. cute mani :)

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