Thursday, January 19, 2012

MAC 'Blue Sprinkles'

Hello Beautiful Girls!

Today, I have a quick post featuring MAC 'Blue Sprinkles'. I'd describe this color as a sheer molten silver cool lavender shimmer with fine lavender glitter and square reddish-copper glitter. It's really different! This polish is a 'htf' (hard to find) polish and I honestly can't say what it's going for these days in terms of a dollar amount. With all the craziness on eBay who knows if we'll see it for over $100 some day! This is a very thin sheer polish and I used 3 coats for it to be completely opaque.

Bottle Shot...
Haha! Yes, I used my right hand because of my broken middle
finger nail on my left hand. It was quite awkward trying to figure out 
how to hold the bottle! ;o)~
 The polish...
Excuse the sloppy job, this was a last minute mani!
 All in all I could easily part with it as I'm pretty disappointed in both the overall color and formula of this polish. I have a few other MAC polishes and their formulas and colors are all amazing so this one was quite a shock for me. Soooo... if anyone wants to do a trade let me know! ^_^



MariJo said...

Pretty polish!! Sorry about the formula :(. This is not really a color that would look good on me.

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