Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diva Stuff's Skin Brightening Face Scrubbies

Hello Ladies (and Men??),

So, I haven't posted anything from Diva Stuff in a while and need to catch up because I have some awesome products I have to share! This particular post features their 'Skin Brightening Single Use Face Wash Scrubbies' with tomato powder, cucumber peel, and licorice root.

About this product:

  • On their website, it reads "Now with kojic acid for flawless even skin. Each scrubbie can be used a few times, just take care to leave in a plastic baggie to keep it from becoming contaminated. Wet the scrubbie with warm water and wash face as you would normally. Massage the ingredients into your pores in a circular motion then rinse thoroughly. Tomatoes and cucumbers are both known to have beneficial properties in brightening skin tone, evening skin tone, reducing oil on the skin surface, reduce puffiness, cure acne and reduce the size of enlarged pores. This product does contain soap so it will cleanse your face as well."
  •  4 oz. container contains a dozen + reusable scrubbies (my fiancé gets 2 uses from each one)
  •  Only $9.99 with free shipping on their website
  • These make your skin feel clean and refreshed while exfoliating. These are fine to use every other day.
  • As far as the smell goes, it's more of a light cucumber tomato. There's no smell of licorice root. *VERY refreshing*
  • Contains vitamin E  
  • These towels are lighter in color, and the fibers don't get caught in a man's beard!

Photos of this product:

No dyes or preservative & this is after 4 have been used! ^_^
Water being applied to product, you can see the texture of the towel
Product applied, creamy yet light texture
Does this sound like any other product you've tried before?? They can be found online on their website and eBay. Visit their facebook page and twitter to stay up to date with their latest products, contests, giveaways, and sales!



    Summer said...

    Oooh, what a cool product, I've never seen anything like this! I really want to try it now, thanks so much for posting x

    bmwmchick said...

    Aww thanks for reading, Summer! I checked out your blog as well - you have beautiful nails! I'm currently strengthening mine and when they're long I'll post more polish shots ;o)

    Fab Fingertips. said...

    These look nice Bridget!

    ( I so badly want to say you need a new year shave!!!! ;-) )

    Very nice of your man to be a model for you, my husband would never do that!

    Samantha said...

    This looks so weird but I kind of want to try it.

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