Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dior 'Poison' & Hits 'Moonbow'

As much as I love bright colors I like to mix things up. If I wear a lot of pink and purple I like to wear some orange and yellow and vice versa. I also like those really dark 'almost black' shades. I finally got my hands on the Dior Les Violets collection (so excited too) that's limited edition so snatch them while you can! I've got Dior 'Poison' featured today topped with a stunning Brazilian polish. 

Here are the photos...

Dior 'Poison'
Dior 'Poison'

Dior 'Poison'
Dior 'Poison'

Dior 'Poison' & Hits 'Moonbow'
Dior 'Poison' & Hits 'Moonbow'

Dior 'Poison' & Hits 'Moonbow'
Dior 'Poison' & Hits 'Moonbow'

Dior 'Poison' & Hits 'Moonbow'
Dior 'Poison' & Hits 'Moonbow'

Details of this mani:
  • I used 2 coats of Dior 'Poison' (no topcoat in the first two photos)
    • This polish is a very dark 'almost black' eggplant purple cream polish. It covered well and dried very shiny on its own. 
    • You can find this polish at Nordstrom's either in store or online here for $23.00
  • I used 1 coat of Hits 'Moonbow'
    • This polish features a clear base with small glitter that features a strong color shift from a green-teal to a bright purple.
    • You can find this polish on Llarowe's website here for $8.00 however I got mine through a swap with a lovely lady named Rose! Thank you again Rose!
  •  I used 1 coat of  Essie 'Good To Go' topcoat 
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Primp&Polished said...

that's a pretty comboniation. I know what you mean I am bright colors central, but a switch up we can handle too; NICE!

Anonymous said...

You really picked a gorgeous combo here! It looks so sophisticated and modern. Im glad to see a brazilian polish complementing a DIOR :)
And you are very welcome! Im also enjoying the pretty things you sent me!

Tracy @ hair salon oceanside NY said...

I just love the shades and the color of the nails, seems to be really quite fascinating.

miss m said...

beautifull combination!

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