Wednesday, November 30, 2011

butter London 'Aston'

Hello Ladies!

So, I was thinking what color I wanted to wear next and I immediately thought of butter London's 'Aston'. I don't think this color gets enough credit. Yeah, it's not a "fun" color but there's nothing like it! I'd describe it as a 'neutral muted brownish medium toned mauve'. It so happens my Mom's an artist (possesses a B.F.A.) and I asked her opinion on this fascinated color. I'll say it changes depending on the lighting, it can be very brownish or it can be more mauve. Either way it's a unique color. It also has an amazing silver shimmer which makes it more interesting. 

Probably one of the biggest turn offs about this polish is that it was a bit gloppy. Now, I'm personally a big fan of thick polishes but this dries fast and gets gloppy very easily around the opening of the bottle. Mind you... this is my ONLY complaint. :o) You can find butter London polishes at ULTA in-stores and online for $14.00. Of course, there are other shops that carry their products and the butter London website carries all of their products!

I took all the photos outside with no bright sun, so the lighting isn't intense but you can get a true read of this color. 

butter London 'Aston' in natural light
butter London 'Aston' in natural light
butter London 'Aston' in natural light
butter London 'Aston' in natural light
Close-up of butter London 'Aston' in natural light
butter London in natural more shaded light
butter London 'Aston' in natural light (a different perspective & background)
What this polish reminds me of... terra cotta tile (in my kitchen)
 What do you guys think of this color? Is it something you would wear? 



Kate said...

This is stunning...I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I own this and adore it :D it's a wonderful "neutral" to own.

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