Sunday, November 6, 2011

Diva Stuff's Chocolate-Mint Purifying Face Mask, Part II

Hello Readers!

Ok, so this is the second part to Diva Stuff's Chocolate-Mint Face Treatments. This time I'm reviewing the 'Ancient Mayan Secret, Chocolate-Mint Purifying Mask'. 

I used my fiancé again for the photographs below:

Scrubbies on left are Part I, Face Mask on right is Part II (this post)
You can see the mask is thick with a taupe-brownish color
The consistency of the mask is very thick, a little bit goes a long way!
Thin coat of product applied to face (there's that lil' nose again! :o)
Close-up of product on face, you can see how thick it is with a thin layer!

About this face mask:
  • Product is thick and you can see the ingredients right in the container
  • 2 oz. size is plenty of product to last you several months 
  • Great price at $9.99 with free shipping!
  • Ingredients:
    • Raw Cocoa Powder- rich in antioxidants that protect the skin and prevent free radicals from damaging the skin, 
    • Kaolin clay- a gentle non oil absorbing clay. It will not dry out skin but will help deposit needed nutrients
    • Bentonite Clay- A clay that helps fight bacteria and tighten skin
    • Mint oils and extracts- Tighten and tone the skins surface
  • The ingredient description according to Diva Stuff is " Although the ancient Mayans and Aztecs used it long ago for medicinal purposes and skin care because it is full of super rich antioxidants that protect the skin. Chocolate may prevent free radicals from damaging the skin's elastin, collagen and other protein. Because cocoa is so high in antioxidants it helps defend against free radicals and may help stave off lines, wrinkles and discoloration. In addition it may have some UV protection. Our new mask is so wonderful you will want to use it every day. The ingredients help to tone, tighten and purify without drying out the skin. You will find that in most cases you will not even need a moisturizer after using. It is made with all natural raw cocoa powder, bentonite clay and kaolin clay. Kaolin clay does not absorb oils  from the skins surface but does help to deposit beneficial nutrients. This mask is a great anti microbial and anti bacterial treatment. Your face will tingle from the mints used but be assured they are helping to detox your gorgeous diva-ish face."
  • The instructions are to let it dry then rinse but I don't think that's necessary. This has peppermint oil and you feel an instant cooling feeling that can be intense. Both my fiancé (man in photos) and myself have very sensitive skin. He reported that it was so intense that it almost 'burned' while I just felt an intense cooling feeling and was able to leave it on for 10 minutes without discomfort. 
  • Leaves your skin SUPER soft, like a babies butt! And there is no residue leftover!
  • All and all I really enjoyed this mask, if you have normal - oily skin I think this would work best for you! Even if you have the occasional breakout or have 'oil slicks' this should calm your skin.

Does this sound like any other product you've tried before?? They can be found online on their website and eBay. Visit their facebook page and twitter to stay up to date with their latest products, contests, giveaways, and sales!

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Calli said...

Haha, I love how you use your fiance as the model! The mint and chocolate mix as a facial mask sounds great (though I may be tempted to eat it!).

bmwmchick said...

He was happy to do it (despite his lack of expression in the photos), this mask is awesome, it's a clay mask that smells like Girl Scout Thin Mints!

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