Saturday, November 5, 2011

Diva Stuff's Chocolate-Mint Detox Facial Scrubbies, Part I

This is PART I of Diva Stuff's Chocolate-Mint Face Treatments:

Hello Readers!!! 

Who doesn't love Girl Scout's 'Thin Mints'?? Well, this review is of Diva Stuff's 'Ghia's Chocolate-Mint Detox Face Scrubbies'. Believe or not my fiancé loves this stuff and didn't mind me using his face for the post. So, this is something that men can enjoy too because mint and chocolate aren't sex related! 

Now... for the pictures!!!

Excuse the packaging, they originally looked much nicer :o)
You can see the size of these scrubbies in reference to a man's hand.
A bit of lather with some water added!
What the scrubbie looks like when it's ready for use! Creamy!
Excuse the beard (love you baby! look at that perfect lil' nose!), this is the product being applied.

About these scrubbies:

  • These little scrubbies come with the product on little rectangular pieces of thin towel. 
  • They can be used twice respectively and should be kept in something. However, you can leave on a shelf in your shower for the next day. 
  • They produce a light creamy lather that is tan in color from the chocolate. You can see pieces of the different ingredients which is good because it lets you know they aren't over-processed! 
  • The only 'con' if you will is that small pieces of the towel can unravel or come off, but it's not a big deal.
  • You get about 12 or so of these scrubbies (don't you love this 'word'??), container is FULL
  • Great deal at $8.99
  • Great for women and men!
  • Smell of fresh mint and chocolate
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and NOT overly dry (tested on two Irish-American pale folks!)
  • Is more like a scrub-face wash combo that can be used every day like any daily face wash.

Part II will feature the Facial Detox mask (2nd item in the 1st photo).

Does this sound like any other product you've tried before?? They can be found online on their website and eBay. Visit their facebook page and twitter to stay up to date with their latest products, contests, giveaways, and sales!

Thanks for reading! All photos taken with the iPhone 4S. Yeah, I've been converted.



Infidel de Manahatta said...

Obviously you used blackmail to get your fiance to pose for the photo.


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