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MABB Weekly Beauty Question ♥


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How do you feel about polish trends like nail art, crackle, "fish egg" manis, etc?

We all know that fads come and go; these nail polish 'trends' are no exception. I have to say for the most part I enjoy these trends. Here's a list of some trends or effects we've seen and what I think of them:
  • Crackle nail polish - I thought this was super cool and one of the easiest ways to conceal a mani I accidentally messed up. What an easy way to add 'nail art' I thought! Ha, I bought tons of them and now they take up nearly an entire drawer in my helmer (can be purchased here for $39.99 from Ikea, I swear they made these for nail polish and fit about 400 polishes). What a waste! Please don't ask me how much I spent on them, I know there's some that are brand new and unused as well. I won't dare list them on my blog sale/swap because we all know crackle is as dead as a herringbone gold necklace! I really don't see it coming back...
  •  Gradient effect - As far as I'm concerned this is here to stay! If you're not sure what this looks like check out Sammy's blog 'The Nailasaurus' here, she gives the best picture by picture tutorial as well that you can view here. It's basically a near flawless gradient of colors that you create using a make up sponge. Coolest thing ever, my favorite color combination I've seen to date was done by Sarah at 'Chalkboard Nails' where she did a take on a french manicure with a white and nude gradient effect that you can see here! It's so easy to do and looks stunning!
  •  Crescent moon or "reverse french" nails - I love love this look, especially when it's done correctly. This look should be very subtle. An example of how classic and simple this look can be found here. I absolutely adore this look and think it's here to stay!
  •  Bead, caviar, or fish egg nails - Can I just say BARF!? First of all, this is something that should be used for cool photo shoots for high fashion magazines... not for everyday wear. I'm not going to get into the whole controversy with the brand Ciaté because I honestly don't care. However, if you like this look you can buy these little beads at any craft store for cheap. I didn't like it then and I certainly don't like it now. If you're not sure what it looks like or would like to know the drama, the lovely Jeanette from 'The Swatchaholic' did a post you can see here.
  • Cloud mani - This is still pretty cool even though I think it's starting to 'die off' a bit, but basically this manicure is made to look like a cloud effect that can be made by using just the brush your polish came with. There's a great tutorial and example of this 'cloud' look here on the Nailside blog. Haha, oddly I've yet to try this even though I still like it!
  • Magnetic nail polish - When this polish first came out I didn't really find it that interesting. I'm still not a huge fan of this effect (maybe because the colors seem boring?) but have to admit Sarah from 'Chalkboard Nails' did an interesting take on this look that you can see here. Notice this post is from December 2011. So, yeah I think all the drug store brands are a bit late just coming out with their collections. lol!

Of course, there are other trends that are continuing to come out. These are some that hit me and thought would be fun to share with you guys! Until next time!

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Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said...

I am a fan of the crescent moons too! One of these days, I need to get a Helmer!

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