Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lime Crime 'Milky Ways' & butter London 'Chancer'

Usually, white or cream polishes have difficult formulas (meaning they're streaky, don't cover well and need many coats to cover the nail). I absolutely LOVE Rescue Beauty Lounge's 'Bella' as it's a jelly-cream hybrid with a slighly off white hue. You can literally get away with 2 coats or 3 for full opacity. That polish can be purchased here for $20.00. And, yes, I will tell you it's worth the price! Well, I found a polish that's more on the cream side that has an effortless formula that only requires 2 coats. Behold Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'...

Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'
Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'
Are you drooling? I will say it's less yellow and more cream with a hint of peach (very subtle).
Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'
Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'

My Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy 'Cody' & Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'
My Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy 'Cody' & Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'

Like how I snuck in the puppy shot? ^_^ Of course, I couldn't leave my nails alone so I added butter London 'Chancer' to my accent nails (2 coats). This polish has a sheer red base with very fine red glitter that covers perfectly in just 2 coats.

Lime Crime 'Milky Ways' & butter London 'Chancer'
Lime Crime 'Milky Ways' & butter London 'Chancer'

Lime Crime 'Milky Ways' & butter London 'Chancer'
Lime Crime 'Milky Ways' & butter London 'Chancer'

Below, I've compared Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Bella Donna' ($20), Lime Crime 'Milky Ways' ($5.99), and Illamasqua 'Monogamous' ($14).
Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Bella Donna', Lime Crime 'Milky Ways', & Illamasqua 'Monogamous'
L-R: Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Bella Donna', Lime Crime 'Milky Ways', & Illamasqua 'Monogamous'
So, do you guys have a favorite 'white/cream' shade? If so, please share! Until next time...



Carolina said...

Great swatches, I love these Lime Crime Collection, Milky Ways is one of my favorites. Cody is so cute!! ;)

Fingers said...

I just ordered this whole set of lime crime polish-I like Bettina's Marshmallow-but it's not a pure white. I also like Orly Au Champagne, again not a straight white-so this will be my first pure white polish-besides Sally Hansen Whirlwimd white-but I only use that to stamp with! Why don't you compare those last three in a dupe off?

Fashion Footing said...

Ohhhh I love the addition of Chancer. It makes me hungry for cake!

Mara S said...

I think I have to order those Lime Crimes!!! I keep thinking and thinking...
I bought Butter London Cream Tea during the Ulta sale and it's really nice. I love whites and I have a lot, but most of them on the sheer side. OPI My boyfriend Scales Walls has a great formula, but it has a hint of grey.
My favorite jelly is OPI Funny Bunny, but I don't have Bella (and I think I need it).... $20 + shipping though, ouch!!

bmwmchick said...

I'm definitely going to do a white comparison soon!! Thank you guys for your comments :o)

A Lacquered Affair said...

Milky Ways looks full of milky goodness! And I agree, a good white or off-white cream is hard to come by. Love how you included Chancer in your mani and referenced it to Red Velvet Cake (I have yet go get one to fulfill my craving since last weekend)!
That red is absolutely divine (this coming from someone who doesn't like reds)!

Veronica said...

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