Saturday, April 28, 2012

Going Back 2 Square 1

Hello Readers,

Well, after trying my new oval shape I really do love it my only thing is they have to be longgg (especially long on my shallow nail beds) and if anything chips even just a little bit it's a real pain to re-file. So, I've decided to go back to square and keep them at a manageable length. I really can't stand seeing nails that aren't all the same length, so if I break one they all have to be filed!

I'll post a mani later ;o) Just want to keep this thing going! 

♥ Cheers,


Mandy McCullough said...

I tried the oval shape for a while and had the same problems.. There's nothing like changing your nail shape to give you a whole new outlook! It's like a mini-makeover! ...Or maybe that's just me and I'm really weird. :X

bmwmchick said...

That' exactly what I did, I like the 'almost to a point' oval though and with my short nail beds that means REALLY long nails. Nothing like mixing it up and it really is a complete change like you said! :o) Thanks for your comment, Mandy ^_^

drinkcitra said...

Lol! Aw I know what you mean about all the nails needing to be the same length...I hate when one chips or something happens to them. It's nice that you were able to try the oval shape for a while though :)

Fab Fingertips. said...

I love your nails whatever the shape Bridget, they always look classy. I have realy shallow nail beds too, what a pain!

mah-bell p said...

Im the same way, if one falters, they all get the chop. I try sticking to a squoval shape. not too square not too oval. So far so good.

MariJo said...

Pssst... I prefer your nails square anyway. Lol!!

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