Thursday, April 5, 2012

11 Things About Me

Hello Readers,

Ohhh Sabine! Alright, well I was tagged to tell 11 things about myself by Sabine at My Polish Stash. I'm also suppose to link this post back to Sabine's so, here's the page where she tagged me.

Ok, here are 11 things about myself:

  1. I love scary/gory/sci-fi movies such as the Hellraiser series, The Descent, the Alien's series, etc.  
  2. I've been wearing nail polish for quite a while (since I was a teenager) and started collecting more seriously about a year ago. Now, I'm just full on psycho about it! Ha
  3. As far as music I have an eclectic taste that includes everything from classical, pop, rap, soul, indie, techno/house, electronic, classic rock, alternative, some metal (certain types; not black), and the list goes on....
  4. I have very sensitive skin and can burn when it's overcast outside. So, needless to say I'm more of an indoor person!
  5. I'm half way to becoming a Graduate Gemologist (via GIA - The Gemological Institute of America) and can tell you most anything you want to know about gemstones (which includes diamonds folks).
  6. I love hand cream and other skin care products. If something works for me I'm EXTREMELY loyal since my skin is so sensitive it's difficult to find beauty products that don't cause adverse affects on my skin.
  7. My favorite gemstone is the Merelani Mint Garnet (cousin of the Tsavorite garnet), I have a really nice 1.50ct that I had custom cut. Hopefully, I'll have it set in a ring some day.
  8. My late-in-the-future (not DREAM) car is an X6 M. Yes, I know it's completely impractical and high-maintenance but I'm OK with that. ^_^
  9. I LOVE concerts, especially ones that are outside with beautiful scenery and beer everywhere you look.
  10. If I drink liquor it's vodka or rum.
  11. My ideal meal would include the following: A glass of cabernet franc, beef bourguignon, garlic rolls (with huge chunks of garlic and saturated in the garlic oil goodness), and a side of sweet tea with lemon.
Boy, it was hard to think of 11 things that aren't 'too personal' to share with the world. Check out Sabine's blog, My Polish Stash, she has amazing nails, application, and mad layering skills!

More posts to come soon...

♥ Cheers,


MariJo said...

Fun read Bridget! LOL @ being psycho about polish! Many of us are, so you're not alone, ha! Oh, and I love garlic rolls!!!!

bmwmchick said...

Haha :oD Glad you enjoyed that!

Jessica said...

this was cool thanks for sharing!!

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