Saturday, May 19, 2012

FAMOUS by Sue Moxley SuedeFX '26'

Hello Readers,

Today, I have FAMOUS by Sue Moxley SuedeFX '26' which is a muted burgundy and silver shimmer matte polish that I received from the lovely Esther of Fab Fingertips! I LOVE this polish!!! Since this will be a quick post here are the photos:

With flash
I know these polishes are available in the UK but not sure about the US! What do you guys think?



drinkcitra said...

It looks lovely! It almost looks icey ;)

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Jeez! So beautiful!

bmwmchick said...

Thanks! Yeah it does, when you remove the polish a lot of silver is left!

bmwmchick said...

Hehe thanks!

Saira said...

Love the finish of this polish - may have to hunt them down!

MariJo said...

Wow! This is pretty! I love the pic with the flower.

Samantha! said...

I would love to see what this looks like shiny with a top coat!

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