Monday, May 28, 2012

China Glaze 'Make Some Noise' & Accent Nail

Hello Readers,

So, I've decided to try more of these short posts for now since it take less time. All my photos are taken using a light box and for now my iPhone 4S. Today, I have China Glaze 'Make Some Noise' which is another one of those pink-red neon colors that I love!! I used Sephora by OPI 'Wild About Shimmer' as accent nails.

Pics below! Just so you guys know @bmwmchick is both my twitter and IG name.



stephpiperr. said...

Sooo pretty! I love Make Some Noise, one of my favourite polishes :D

Fashion Footing said...

So pretty. I love Make Some Noise!

Maria said...

your pictures are sooo good! i need to jump on the iPhone bandwagon

Kate said...

Fantastic pics, even for an iPhone 4!

MariJo said...

Make Some Noise is my kind of color!! It's so gorgeous on you! And I love the accent nail!

Toyarosie said...

What a fantastic shade!! I have to agree that these colors totally call to me! Your perfect mani helps, too :) And I think the accent nail works really well! And that's iPhone pics? DAMN!

Toyarosie said...

Fantastic color!! And the accent nail works well, too. It helps that you've done a great mani here :) And the iPhone pics - I am super-impressed!!

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